Prior to the beginning of the summer, Governor Murphy signed the Out-Of-Network bill into law.  Executive Committee members, attorney and lobbyist of NJSSA are working along with societies of the Access to Care Coalition who are actively engaging in numerous meetings with State officials and authority to discuss the final writing of the proposed rules.  While this process will take months, we are now gathering questions and concerns from our members.  Please feel free to send us your comments.  We will be holding a webinar for our general members once the written regulations are more clear how this will affect our specialty.

To encourage our members and young anesthesiology residents to be active in advocacy, NJSSA will sponsor free registration to our active members participating at the ASA Annual Legislative Conference, held in Washington, D.C. in May, 2019.

Our two resident representatives of the Executive Committee have been doing a superb job in networking residents from different Anesthesia programs.

A new medical student representative has been added to the Executive Committee to promote communications among medical students who may have interest in anesthesiology.

Have a safe and happy summer. See you at the ASA Annual meeting in San Francisco.

Christina Chin, MD
NJSSA President